Jason Owens

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Southern California

DRE #02037436

Jason Owens is a dental industry veteran with more than 14 years of experience. He represents ddsmatch in Southern California and brings a deep network in the industry that will benefit the dentists he serves. Jason serves as a Board member for the Children’s Dental Center and the Banning House Museum. He currently lives in Torrance, CA, and enjoys sailing and spending time with his family.

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What Others Are Saying

  • “I owe much of my success to hard work and surrounding myself with good people like Ed Ferrero and my dental team. They are truly the cornerstones of my life and I am forever grateful for all they have given over the years.”

    –Michael J. Ledoux

  • “Ed has always taken a significant interest in my business and wanting to help me be successful. He has a tremendous history in the dental business and dental community. His knowledge and experience has been instrumental in aiding both myself and my partner expand my practice.”

    –Dr Craig R.

  • “With Ed Ferrero, you’re not a statistic or a business victory. You’re a person seeking guidance from a caring, insightful, knowledgeable, and genuine professional who chose to help people like you. Choice is as important as it is powerful. I am very grateful I chose Ed to help me because my path has been and continues to be successful because of the sincerity in his work. ”

    –Doug Katz

  • “Ed would help out in any way that he could. He would make sure that we were taken care of. He would quickly and effectively follow up on things if necessary. We had so much trust and faith in Ed that in the last 20 years of his career as a Patterson sales representative, my office was dealing with Ed exclusively. Ed is good at what he does.”

    –Mark A. Horvath

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